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Railway Express into a dark horse industry

Source: | Updated: Feb 01, 2016

In China, the railway is the country's critical infrastructure, mass transport, integrated transport system is in a key position in China. China's vast territory, large population and uneven distribution of resources, economic, fast railways generally have a greater advantage, becoming a widely used form of transport. And because of the development of the national economy continues to drive the growth of rail traffic, rail transport in a very important position in the development of the national economy, is also an important mode of transport for energy, minerals and other important materials, rail transportation is not affected by weather, stable, safe, long-distance freight shipping costs low. Bulk transport, network all over the country, and can be shipped all over. With China Railway Express railway extension and high speed of passenger trains, with continuous improvement of services, for China's economic and social development and people's lives and make greater contribution.

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