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Dangerous Goods Sea Freight Export Operation Process

TG Forwarder Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Dangerous goods Sea Freight export operation process

First, booking

Need to advance 10 working days to the following three documents fax to the appropriate company

Shipping book;

Dangerous goods packaging use identification results single;

Packing of dangerous goods technical specifications;

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Note 1: The book is marked with Chinese and English names, box type, CLASS NO., UN NO., Cargo packaging, and special requirements to facilitate the application of accommodation and dangerous goods declaration;

Note 2: If transhipment is involved, it is necessary to confirm to the shipping company whether there is any restriction on the transit port;

Second, to provide information on the application

7 working days in advance (4 working days in advance of non-imported bucket) Declaration of goods provided Original information:

Dangerous goods packaging use identification results single, Note: different names should be one to one correspondence;

Packing of dangerous goods technical specifications;

Note 1: According to the above documents, and in accordance with the correct data, product name, box type until the Sea Freight Bureau to declare goods, and then according to the goods declaration and packing certificate ship shipping companies to declare.

Note 2: For the recycling of the barrel, the need to apply for temporary import and export applications, the need to provide instructions (why use imported barrels), to provide goods CLASS category and UN number, quantity, gross weight should be correct The shipper company applies for an official seal to the Sea Freight bureau.

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